Tip #3: Use covers: Our storage facility is safe and clean. But, we don’t provide cleaning services inside the unit! Cover your furniture to protect it from dust and moisture. Mattress bags, sofa covers, and upholstery bags should all be on your prep list.

Tip #5: Although you may not realize it, many everyday items that will be stored in your unit are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity. You can preserve the items and keep them in great condition with climate controlled storage.

While climate controlled storage would be great for all stored items, how do you decide whether or not you really need it? Here is a list of items that will benefit from climate controlled storage:


Cosmetics & Toiletries
Art & Collectibles
Goods and Furniture made of:
• Leather
• Wood
• Metal
• or, Containing Fabric/ Upholstery
Important Paperwork
Electronics (e.g.: TVs, Stereos, and Computers)
Media (e.g.: CD’s, DVD’s, and Cassette Tapes)
Photographs and Film
Medications/ Medical Supplies
Musical Instruments

 Another question to ask yourself before deciding whether or not you need climate controlled storage is:

What is the time frame for storing your items? If they will be stored for 1 year or more, they will be exposed to all four seasons, then climate controlled storage should be considered.

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10 x 10 unit. Storage for a one bedroom house.

10 x 20 unit. Storage for a 3 to 4 bedroom house with appliances. Also for a car.

County Line Road Self Storage

10 x 15 unit. Storage for a 2 bedroom house with appliances.

10 x 30 unit. Storage for a 4 to 5 bedroom house with appliances. also great for business storage or a car.

Packing your storage unit

Tip #1: Leave a walk way: When you are packing your unit, be sure to leave a small path through the middle of the unit. This way, if you need to retrieve something later you won’t have to unpack your entire unit to access it, even if it’s packed away near the back of the unit. It may feel like the space for a path is not being used effectively at first, but the second you need to find something, you’ll be very happy it’s there.

Tip #2: Use plastic storage bins and labels instead of boxes: Because you want to maximize the space in your storage unit, using plastic storage bins that are uniform and can be sealed and stacked high is important. This way, you are utilizing all of the available vertical space. Don’t forget to label the plastic sealable storage bins, and be specific. After months in storage, you won’t remember which kitchen bin the blender is in. Face the labels of your bins toward the walkway for easy identification. Plastic bins offer better protection than boxes.

Tip #4: Pack tallest to shortest: The tallest and bulkiest items like furniture and mattresses should be closest to the walls. Starting with the tallest items in the back and the shorter items in front, closest to the aisle, will give you a clear view of what’s inside your unit at first glance and help you use the space in the most efficient manner.